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Yumsterlicious Recipes

Auntie RV will be bringing you not just recipes, they will be Yumsterlicious recipes. Most of my recipes will be RV friendly and a few recipes will be for cooler campers. However, ALL will be comfort food and could be used any time. Personally, I can think of only two food types that I would NOT consider comfort food: any organs(liver) and some seafood (octopus). And for sure there will be NO live half fried fish flopping on your plate recipes!

Since this blog format does not allow me to post to this page, I will put attachments in the form of a Word document. I may change the looks of this page until I work the bugs out. Oh, I guess there are three food types that I do not consider comfort food; add bugs to that list. 🙂

Feel free to add your favorite or go to recipes or helpful hint in the comment box, along with any regular type comments. However, just know that if I ever publish a cook book or become a “superstar” 🙂 (what? it could happen), your recipes or helpful hints might end up in my book or cooking segment. So, by sending me a recipe or helpful hint through an e-mail or the comment box, you give me permission to use it.

Auntie RV’s Yumsterlicious Recipes



Auntie RV’s Slow Cooker Chicken with Dressing


Auntie RV’s – Bean Dip

Auntie RV’s Freeze or Fresh Nectarines or Peaches


Auntie RV’s German Sweet & Sour Cabbage

Auntie RV’s Burishkis


BBQ – Smoker – Canning – ETC

Camping?! I want cookies NOW!!!

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life and FOOD!

Check back soon for new recipes. . . Auntie RV says so and you don’t want to mess with Auntie RV do you?!


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