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No Humor: “Ad” in my blog!

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I come on here, after a rest and I find ads that I did not okay on my blog…not humorous! I did not get an e-mail or notice of any kind about putting ads in my blog. What adds to this pet peeve is my annoyance that the ad(s) are about “Brain training games”!! Is someone trying to tell me something here?? (scrunching nose!) For the record, I do not want ADS on my blog unless I get a kick back from them and personally okay them! :)Stink eye for those who put ads on my blog without my approval!

Anyone with knowledge of how to remove these ads or know who to contact about it I would be much appreciated.

Just an FYI on my Husband; he is off his blood pressure and triglycerides meds. Although, his blood pressure is great, his tri’s are still high; it was found that the tri meds were the reason for the kidney failure. The DR. is monitoring him closely which is reassuring.

Also, I am already writing my lists for camping (RV) season. 🙂 I can’t wait!

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV


Life: My Playlist of the Day

If you are around me any given day, you will likely hear a noise emanating from my direction. It doesn’t matter where I am at and it doesn’t matter who is around. I am 95% of the time either humming or singing a song. What do I hum or sing? Usually, it is the last song I heard or a Christmas song. If it is the last song I heard, basically, I sing over and over the ONE sentence I know from that song; I sometimes do a little dance if I am at home to go with the music. My family takes such joy in turning up the music to songs that you would never think Auntie RV would sing or hum, knowing it will be stuck in my head until the next song comes along. There I am walking down the isle of the grocery store humming, “I’m too sexy for my shirt” or singing, “if you…hum hum…you should a put a ring on it…oh oh oh oh oh oh”. I am not sure if the people that I walk by are smiling because they think it is humorous or they think, “just smile and walk quickly by the weird lady”.

This was my playlist of the day (yesterday)…

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland

Every day I’m shuffling (shuff el lin)

Chestnuts roasting by an open fire

I’m trouble ya’ll

ba-da-da your addicted to love

all the other kids with their…humm humm..better run, better run…ba-da-da..humm humm

I kissed a girl…humm humm,  (oh crud, I have to go to the store, get this out of my head! Nice husband turns on radio…)

Hum hum…sugar on meeeee, in the name of love (Oh for the love of Pete! Husband gets stink eye)

Oh Holy Night

Every day I’m Shuff el lin…be.wa..wa (my attempt to make the techno sound)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Every day I’m shuff el lin (Auntie RV’s dance moves)

I don’t know the name of it , but it is the Charlie Brown Christmas song and I hum it while getting ready for bed.

Yep, my life is one big ole humming songfest. 🙂

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Life: Escapades of Thanksgiving/Black Friday…Thursday

I am sorry for not blogging sooner about my Thanksgiving escapades. I am just now catching up on my sleep and brain activity. As my twenty-seven year old son said,”Mom, I can see your hamster has fallen off its wheel”, after my many attempts to carry on a conversation. However, my hamster is now back on his wheel and I no longer fall asleep in mid-sentence.

I bundled up at 4:30 am for my first outing of the Thanksgiving Black Friday…Thursday…Sunday, well you get what I mean. 🙂 Just as I am getting ready to go my husband says, “we are out of milk  can you get some?” I told him I would pick some up at Kmart when I am there. Oh heck no, he doesn’t “like” the taste of Kmarts milk! He would have seen a big ole stink eye had he walked in the room, I can tell you that! So I had to take a detour to Winco to see if they were open, on my way to Kmart. Yaaeee, they are open until 3 pm; will go back after Kmart shopping.

After standing in line with ten other early shoppers the door finally opens at Kmart. Almost everything I was searching for was hard to find, only a few of each, or the price wasn’t what was shown on Web site. I am trying to stay in the ho ho holiday spirit, but when Auntie RV gets up at 4:30am sometimes her half-full cup starts to spring a leak just a tad. So I start humming a Christmas song… “its the most wonderful time of the year” to try to plug up the leak. Not working! Nonetheless, I am at the check out when I notice the register  “geesh, I must not have calculated very well!”” The checker then lets me see the read-out. She had charged me twice for TWO different items…”its the MOST wonderful TIME of the year!” I also ended up telling her to take one of the other items off  as it wasn’t the item I had wanted and I had second thoughts on. I look at my watch and  oh geesh, I should be home getting the turkey in the oven! I text my son, “tell Dad to take the turkey out. I will be right home after picking up the milk!” I get home and notice the turkey isn’t out. However, I also notice that I had not changed my watch to daylight savings time; Yaaaeeee, I have forty minutes to put my feet up.

I have to say, Thanksgiving dinner went fantastic. I got to use my Temptation Casserole dishes (black style) from QVC which I got for Christmas last year, everything looked so purddy, the food tasted yumsterlicious and the left-overs fit so nice in the fridge.I rested up while my sons played some tank game on the Wii for hours and hours AND hours. I fell asleep on the couch, woke up and thought it had to be 11 pm. Nope, it was 8:30. Ha ha!

I did not do the midnight shopping, so I was good to go for the 4 am shopping. First Lowes to pick up the six  98 cent poinsettias and hubby’s gift, where I lost one of my favorite brown gloves at the check out. 😦 Then off to Target, to use the Target gift card that my son had given me for my birthday, to now buy him something for Christmas. Last stop is to Rite Aid to get the $3.88 popcorn tins. Are you kidding me?! They don’t open til 7 am and it is 5:55 am.  Don’t they understand that my hamster is having issues and is about to fly off its wheel at any moment? As a result, I head home and wait until they open.  I get there and grab the popcorn tins, stroll by the M&M’s and Kisses that I would love to get and yet, no; you have to buy 4 to get the good price and heck NO Auntie RV does not buy things unless they are at the good price.

I return home and my hamster is no where  to be seen and I try to rest while the boys are still playing the tank game. THEN…husband gets all grumpy…guess why?? …come one guess?

“This is the first time we (meaning me) have not put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving!” he grumbles. Guess what I did?…come on guess? Yep, stink eye alllllll the way!

And yet I keep reminding myself, “this is the MOST wonderful TIME of the year.” 🙂

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Humor: Oh What a Dilemma!

I have a lot of stuff to do today and what does my husband say to me…” It is raining, but I am sure I saw a snowflake”, Seriously? UGH!! I feel the giddiness starting to flow through me all the way to my toes! 

Running to the  front window with face smooshed on the window pane, then running to the TV remote to check the Doppler. Running back to the  front window, running to the back window.

Stink eye is exhibited when I see a big grin on his darn cute face! What a toot!

Dilemma neutralized…

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Edited to say: at 11:50, 11/16 OMG (gosh) I just saw a snowflake!!!!! 😀 I did! I really DID! Kissy-face to my husband. Giddiness commence!

Humor: Is it Paranormal?

If you looked in the dictionary under scaredy cat, our family photo would be there, pets included. I will tell you, it does not take much to spook our family.  Our families first thought when something happens, (do do do do que the Twilight Zone music) that it is paranormal ghost related.

Let me set up the story for you. It was a stormy dark night. The tree branches were clanging on the side of the house; lights were flickering. NAH, not really! 😀 It was a quiet sunny fall day.

Our family was watching “Paranormal Witness” on On Demand. My son says, ” did you hear that?”  I thought, oh, he is just spooked because of what we are watching. Then a few minutes later my husband puts the remote on mute. “I heard something” he says. And it’s a given(from previous post) that Boone, the old grumpy hard of hearing farting dog did not hear a thing. At this time our spook meter is on high. We go on watching our show (guarded), when our cat, Princess Lucky Star slowly, with belly dragging on the floor, creeps towards the wood stove (freaking us out),”RRAR, hiss”, half gainer. Bang Bang Flutter Flutter erupts from the wood stove. We all look at each other (Boone oblivious).


We slowly walk up to the stove; we cannot see anything in side. Our minds go back to it being a ghost. My husband slowly (yes everything we do is done slowly) opens the door. My son flashes  the flash light into the stove and there sits a mid-sized bird peeking over the shelve. Door closes and game plan is on. Kitty is put in the bedroom, doors all open with screen door locked open, pillows over our heads. Okay, maybe that was just me with the pillow thing. Again, slowly my son opens the stove. Nothing, no movement at all. We all sit down; we wait as the house gets cold.  My husband gets the back scratcher and clunks the top of the stove to hopefully scare it out; no movement. Stove closes, door closes and kitty is let out.Trying to get that ghost bird out of our stove was not easy. An hour later, after opening and closing doors, we go what the heck, and just leave the stove door open with the house doors closed.

The tv show was over and my husband had gone outside and OUT comes the bird, flying all over the house; kitty back on her belly and Boone is still sleeping on his pillow. I, Auntie RV  open the front door, grab my pillow, hide behind the couch on my knees (pillow over head) while my son runs to the back door to open it. My husband is watching all this go down from outside and is splitting a gut at our expense. We are getting dive bombed and then the dang bird finally lands on the curtain rod. My son and I (with my pillow) “slowly”  move towards the bird. It swoops over to the door and perches on it, then with cheers of joy it flies out the door.

My husband got the stink eye. He says, “What? It was funny!”

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV