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Humor: Oh What a Dilemma!

I have a lot of stuff to do today and what does my husband say to me…” It is raining, but I am sure I saw a snowflake”, Seriously? UGH!! I feel the giddiness starting to flow through me all the way to my toes! 

Running to the  front window with face smooshed on the window pane, then running to the TV remote to check the Doppler. Running back to the  front window, running to the back window.

Stink eye is exhibited when I see a big grin on his darn cute face! What a toot!

Dilemma neutralized…

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Edited to say: at 11:50, 11/16 OMG (gosh) I just saw a snowflake!!!!! 😀 I did! I really DID! Kissy-face to my husband. Giddiness commence!


Life: Confession

I have something very serious to confess to you all. I cannot hide it from you any longer. I have had this issue since I was a young girl.

Hello, I am Auntie RV and I am addicted to something.  I wait for it. I watch news about it. I look to the skies wishing for it. I cannot sleep because of it and when there is a chance that I might be in its presence I go giddy. My family is enabling me; for the life of me, I can’t seem to stop myself.

What has me wrapped around its finger…


They say there may be snow this Friday. 🙂 It probably will not even stick, but I do not care. Just the thought of purddy snow falling makes me sooooo energized and wacky. You should see me jump up at the sight of the first snowflake! No one better even think about touching the TV remote while I am clicking between weather channels and forecasts, I don’t even care that my kitty runs for the darkest place in our house as she is scared of the sight of snow, hail or anything that remotely looks like something falling from the sky.

Our family is all addicted to snow. It is a long-standing tradition that you are to call your mom, child and/or relative and tell them it is snowing, immediately! I get my undies all tied in a knot when I am not the first to tell my Mom too!

There, it is out. Now you know. 🙂

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV