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Spooky True Story: Goosebumps Commence

We still are not sure what to think of this apparition incident. Of all the places to visit, why here? Why would whoever think, when I die and go to the other side, I want to live at Auntie RV’s?

Years ago, when my son was small he would play in his room a lot, jabbering away, as usual.  We would make small of it and think it was cute that our son must have an imaginary friend. We would ask him, “what’s your friend’s name?” He would quickly reply, “It’s Hap-a-ga!” and seemed irritated that we were asking. We would walk by his room and hear Hapaga this and Hapaga that. We started noticing that he was looking towards something when he would be jabbering, as if he was in a true conversation. This went on for about two years and I started to get an uneasy feeling about this Hapaga. So, one day I went in his room and sat down with him.

I said, “is Hapaga here now?”

Son: “Yes.” looking in one direction as to say, he’s right there.

Me: “where is he?”

Son: with eyes scrunched (upset) he points, “right there!” Like why are you asking, can’t you see him.

Me: What is he doing?”

Son: “smiling at me.”

Hmm, maybe Hapaga is really Happy Guy?

Me: goosebumps commence, “is he always in your room?”

Son: “yes.”

Me: Jesus loves me this I know…! (read previous post to understand) 🙂

I then called my most spiritual Christian friend. She said put the phone on speaker phone; Check, speaker on.  She told Hapaga to take a hike (in Christian lingo and Bible verses)…”ya, what she said!” I said after she hung up. 

We had not heard or seen my son interact with Hapaga since that time.

Until…one night (a couple of years ago) in the middle of the night at that, I hear my son(who was 13 then) talking in his sleep, “inaudible… Where is Hapaga?”

Goosebumps commence again; Jesus loves me this I know…!!!!! I did some of my own “get the heck out of here” Bible verses and all, and again…haven’t heard anything of Hapaga.

Has Hapaga always been around and in stealth mode or what? Why would he mention it in his dreams; he had never mentioned his name and we never brought it up, since that day when he was four years old.

I think this is the only two spooky stories I have; my life now has been uneventful in the paranormal area and would like to keep it that way!

Now, back to more humor and less que the Twilight Zone music. 🙂

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV



Humor: Is it Paranormal?

If you looked in the dictionary under scaredy cat, our family photo would be there, pets included. I will tell you, it does not take much to spook our family.  Our families first thought when something happens, (do do do do que the Twilight Zone music) that it is paranormal ghost related.

Let me set up the story for you. It was a stormy dark night. The tree branches were clanging on the side of the house; lights were flickering. NAH, not really! 😀 It was a quiet sunny fall day.

Our family was watching “Paranormal Witness” on On Demand. My son says, ” did you hear that?”  I thought, oh, he is just spooked because of what we are watching. Then a few minutes later my husband puts the remote on mute. “I heard something” he says. And it’s a given(from previous post) that Boone, the old grumpy hard of hearing farting dog did not hear a thing. At this time our spook meter is on high. We go on watching our show (guarded), when our cat, Princess Lucky Star slowly, with belly dragging on the floor, creeps towards the wood stove (freaking us out),”RRAR, hiss”, half gainer. Bang Bang Flutter Flutter erupts from the wood stove. We all look at each other (Boone oblivious).


We slowly walk up to the stove; we cannot see anything in side. Our minds go back to it being a ghost. My husband slowly (yes everything we do is done slowly) opens the door. My son flashes  the flash light into the stove and there sits a mid-sized bird peeking over the shelve. Door closes and game plan is on. Kitty is put in the bedroom, doors all open with screen door locked open, pillows over our heads. Okay, maybe that was just me with the pillow thing. Again, slowly my son opens the stove. Nothing, no movement at all. We all sit down; we wait as the house gets cold.  My husband gets the back scratcher and clunks the top of the stove to hopefully scare it out; no movement. Stove closes, door closes and kitty is let out.Trying to get that ghost bird out of our stove was not easy. An hour later, after opening and closing doors, we go what the heck, and just leave the stove door open with the house doors closed.

The tv show was over and my husband had gone outside and OUT comes the bird, flying all over the house; kitty back on her belly and Boone is still sleeping on his pillow. I, Auntie RV  open the front door, grab my pillow, hide behind the couch on my knees (pillow over head) while my son runs to the back door to open it. My husband is watching all this go down from outside and is splitting a gut at our expense. We are getting dive bombed and then the dang bird finally lands on the curtain rod. My son and I (with my pillow) “slowly”  move towards the bird. It swoops over to the door and perches on it, then with cheers of joy it flies out the door.

My husband got the stink eye. He says, “What? It was funny!”

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV