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Humor: With a Bit of Annoyance

I find it humorous and a little bit annoying when I am in peaceful la la land of sleep and my sweet endearing husband’s voice is faintly heard; his voice becomes louder and louder until I hear his grumbling clearly. What, you might ask would be so urgent, for him to wake me up? You would think it would be something huge to wake a person early early in the morning, right?


What is he telling me? “Kitty just threw-up a fur ball!”; meaning…get up and clean it up before “I” throw-up” 🙂 Ha ha, with a hint of grumble grumble from me.

Gotta love my hunky man!

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Humor: Oh What a Dilemma!

I have a lot of stuff to do today and what does my husband say to me…” It is raining, but I am sure I saw a snowflake”, Seriously? UGH!! I feel the giddiness starting to flow through me all the way to my toes! 

Running to the  front window with face smooshed on the window pane, then running to the TV remote to check the Doppler. Running back to the  front window, running to the back window.

Stink eye is exhibited when I see a big grin on his darn cute face! What a toot!

Dilemma neutralized…

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Edited to say: at 11:50, 11/16 OMG (gosh) I just saw a snowflake!!!!! 😀 I did! I really DID! Kissy-face to my husband. Giddiness commence!

Humor: “What if” of the Day…While Camping

Everyone has a “what if” rolling around in their head every once in a while. For me, it is a daily occurrence and usually humorous in nature.

Can you imagine the “what if” that plunked out of my head today? No? Well, let me introduce you to my “what if” of the day.

What if…you are camping at an amazing camp site (right next to the lake) and amazingly there is no one else around; it is all yours. How AMAZING huh? 🙂

Then, the unthinkable happens. In comes a caravan of National Lampooners! Don’t get me wrong, I love yackin up a storm with my campin neighbors. BUT, there comes a time when a game plan is needed for that unruly crowd. I am wondering if my wacky sense of humor would make any unwanted camping neighbor run for the hills; I am thinking of using this plan for the next time we go camping.

You see, I am a long time soap opera watcher, so my plan is related to that. Here is the big “WHAT IF”; what if you take on some of your favorite soap actors persona’s or mannerism while camping.

John Black’s (Days of Our Lives)serious face with twitching eyebrow 

The  actors that talk out-loud when they are alone; looking to the sky, wringing your hands,”I wonder if my husband took his medicine, to stop his anger episodes, before he went target shooting.”

Have climactic music play after each conversation with the neighbors and your own group.

Always have a long pause before answering a question, with a Jack Black face or say “we will be right back after this commercial” and then walk away.

I am not sure that it would make them leave, however, it would be a hoot see how they respond. What soap opera mannerism do you think would be hilarious in real life and especially when camping?

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Humor: There is No Time to Waste

Every dang time I see this commercial on TV I get an enormous smile and I burst out in a giggle. Unlike those commercials that scare the bajeebies out of me; sweet little girl playing in her bed sheets and then WAHHH a scary face is plastered on the screen!

And assuredly after my giggle episode, my son will reply with a endearing smirk, “oh mom”. So, what makes me giggle like one of those laughing Youtube babies?

Puss in Boots!

Laughter ensues when I see that darn kitty chasing the light or lapping up the milk in his cup. When that bar tender says, “there is no time to waste!” while Puss in Boots does his lick lick lick in his cup of milk that seems to go on forever. Oh my gosh, it cracks me up!

Sometimes an unexpected snicker can be just what the doctor ordered. I soooo need a RX of Puss in Boots; I hope I get to see it on the big screen.

Does anyone else enjoy this commercial?

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Podcast + Auntie RV = Humor

I was thinking the other day, bubble cloud above head…”Hmm, I guess I should expand my knowledge of..something. I have heard of this podcasting stuff; maybe I could get some edgumacation from a podcast. By the way, what a weird name PodCast is. Podcast, pod…cast paaawdcassttttt.” 🙂


So, out I go into the World Wide Web to search. Let’s put in the search box “How to” and “podcast” just to see what is out there. Woah! Now, why would someone need to know how to use a public bathroom! Seriously, if you need to go to a podcast to find out how to pee in a toilet, YOU should NOT be OUT in public!

Okay, I am getting side-tracked here. scrolling past some interesting topics; none seem to fit the bill. Bubble cloud above head…”Hmm, now where did that saying come from(fit the bill)?” This is harder than I thought and no, I am not saying that I know everything. I only know enough to get me in trouble. However, I meant it is hard to find something special. There it is…How To Be Awesome!  It says “Moving” on this episode. Thats what they call these podcast things (episodes). I guess it means I am going to move closer to being AWESOME!! Bubble cloud…”If there was more people that were tagged as awesome, wouldn’t the world be a better place? I shall now be known as Awesome Auntie RV! 🙂 ”

Before I click the listen button I grab paper and pen. This is going to be so interesting to know how to be awesome!

Click…buffering… “Grumble grumble dial-up!!”

How am I going to be Awesome Auntie RV at this rate? Finally, I am getting a few sentences at a time. Yaeeee! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CRAP?! 😦 It is two young women; at least they sound young. jabbering on about moving to a new place to live. I keep listening. There has to be a tid bit of knowledge somewhere in this “podcast” that will help me be awesome. I feel I am listening to a SNL skit. You know those ones that are meaningless and a waste of time. I suppose this podcast and my issues have a twinge of humor in it, but not for me, as I am on a mission to be awesome.

After ten dang minutes of noooothhhhinggggg I click the X!


I’m back to just Auntie RV. My own awesomeness shall have to do for now.

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Spooky True Story: Goosebumps Commence

We still are not sure what to think of this apparition incident. Of all the places to visit, why here? Why would whoever think, when I die and go to the other side, I want to live at Auntie RV’s?

Years ago, when my son was small he would play in his room a lot, jabbering away, as usual.  We would make small of it and think it was cute that our son must have an imaginary friend. We would ask him, “what’s your friend’s name?” He would quickly reply, “It’s Hap-a-ga!” and seemed irritated that we were asking. We would walk by his room and hear Hapaga this and Hapaga that. We started noticing that he was looking towards something when he would be jabbering, as if he was in a true conversation. This went on for about two years and I started to get an uneasy feeling about this Hapaga. So, one day I went in his room and sat down with him.

I said, “is Hapaga here now?”

Son: “Yes.” looking in one direction as to say, he’s right there.

Me: “where is he?”

Son: with eyes scrunched (upset) he points, “right there!” Like why are you asking, can’t you see him.

Me: What is he doing?”

Son: “smiling at me.”

Hmm, maybe Hapaga is really Happy Guy?

Me: goosebumps commence, “is he always in your room?”

Son: “yes.”

Me: Jesus loves me this I know…! (read previous post to understand) 🙂

I then called my most spiritual Christian friend. She said put the phone on speaker phone; Check, speaker on.  She told Hapaga to take a hike (in Christian lingo and Bible verses)…”ya, what she said!” I said after she hung up. 

We had not heard or seen my son interact with Hapaga since that time.

Until…one night (a couple of years ago) in the middle of the night at that, I hear my son(who was 13 then) talking in his sleep, “inaudible… Where is Hapaga?”

Goosebumps commence again; Jesus loves me this I know…!!!!! I did some of my own “get the heck out of here” Bible verses and all, and again…haven’t heard anything of Hapaga.

Has Hapaga always been around and in stealth mode or what? Why would he mention it in his dreams; he had never mentioned his name and we never brought it up, since that day when he was four years old.

I think this is the only two spooky stories I have; my life now has been uneventful in the paranormal area and would like to keep it that way!

Now, back to more humor and less que the Twilight Zone music. 🙂

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV


Spooky Humor: Don’t Open Your Eyes!

In light of Halloween nearing us, I thought I would tell a couple of spooky stories…TRUE spooky stories that really happened. Someone from the otherside had to have known that my family and I would not find these two instances humorous or endearing; it was scary then and it still makes me shiver!

I had just gone to bed, while my husband had gone to bed earlier and was snoring away. I started to say my prayers (of course with eyes closed and silently), “Dear Lord, thank you for a wonderful day”, when I felt someone tucking me in,  from one side (from foot to shoulder) to the other side (foot to shoulder). Not sure how I did this but my brain said, “DON”T OPEN YOUR EYES! DON”T OPEN YOUR EYES!” and at the same time did what I normal do when something scares me like this. I sing “Jesus loves me this I know…” as to say, “I am a Christian and God will kick your butt if you hurt me! 😀

With my eyes still closed, tightly and wide awake, I then tried to rationalize it “…Hmm, maybe I was asleep”, when it happened again! “DON”T OPEN YOUR EYES! DON”T OPEN YOUR EYES! Jesus loves me this I know…”. I guess whoever it was just wanted to make sure I felt them. HELLO! I felt you the first time!

It has never happened again, thank God!

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Next blog (true story) will be about a visiting apparition.

No Humor: Loud Talker Walkers

Aaa…it is early Sunday morning, I mean EARLY, as in 4 am and I am snoozin away, dreamin I had just won the Power Ball lottery 🙂 when all of the sudden, I am awakened by Charlie Brown’s teacher! Male voice, “WAH WAH WAH WAH?”(inaudible words). Female voice, “WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!!” This conversation went on and on and NEVER stopped as they (crumudgeons, yahoos, doe-doe heads, or husbands favorite; numb nuts)slowly saunter down our road.

After waking Auntie RV from happyland, the least they could have done was speak clearly, so I could hear what they were yelling about. I mean geesh, I had my ear pressed firmly to the window, just tryin to get a tid-bit of what was SOOOO important and all I got was WAH WAH WAH!

How inconsiderate! 😀

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Camping: Our Dog Has Issues

Like many others, our dog is a big part of our family and we love him dearly. HOWEVER, he is an old grumpy hard of hearing farting k-9 and gets his way most of the time, just to keep the peace. Boone, an Australian Shepard loves to go camping with us in our RV, even with his “issues”.

In this instance, humor is in the eye of the beholder; although, no one at the time thinks this is humorous one bit and especially Boone. You see, Boone has his own pillow that we HAVE to take with us, when we go camping. He has to get that pillow fluffed and in just the right place in the RV before he will settle down and finally lay his head on his pillow. Of course, he is ALWAYS in the way; we try to step around him which isn’t easy in a motorhome. So, what does Boone say when he is annoyed at our attempt to move around him or really when he is annoyed at anything? “RUBBA RUBBA RUBBA!”, meaning “I am old and grumpy…DEAL WITH IT!”

Let me enlighten you with how we get our old grumpy hard of hearing farting k-9 up into the RV. Okay, I put Boone on a long leash, walk him to the open door of the motorhome, I walk up the steps, turn around and look at him, and talk in my sweetest  voice I can think of and say, ” Come on Boony”(me smiling, with no teeth showing, as a dog thinks that is me growling at him) “Good boy Boone! Lets go for a ride!” …did I mention he is hard of hearing and almost deaf. Though, that doesn’t seem to stop any of us from talking to him, as we think our dog is so smart he can read lips.

He looks up at me, looks at the first step which is the metal one, that he won’t step on and he growls. Well more like a moaning growl…meaning, “Not this crap again!” He passes the first step to the second step(front feet only) and slides down to the first step (fart). By this time he has told us, ” you better come up with a better plan than this! RUBBA RUBBA RUBBA!”

Out of frustration and me having to go potty, I end up tying the leash to the handle by the door, leave the door open and I walk away. “RUBBA RUBBA RUBBA! Fine! I will do it myself!” he bellows after every attempt, then finally up he comes, fart, fluff fluff, fart, and plops on his pillow.

Boone and His Pillow

This year I think a handicap ramp will help stop the time used up “RUBBA RUBBA RUBBAing it!” don’t you?

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

My Humor: New Gravatar -What’s Wrong With This Picture?

You will find my humor to be wishy washy at times and at other times your drink will come shootin out your nose. Nonetheless, my new gravatar cracks me up and I hope you enjoy it! Well, not really, I don’t care if you think it isn’t funny or you don’t enjoy it; I like it, because my mind goes where others dare not tread. Ha ha! 😀

I took this picture of a sign on  Mothers day two years ago at Deception Pass in Washington State. Okay, yes I know it is a serious matter to NOT fall off a cliff and to stay on the trail. BUT is it any wonder why this guy fell off the cliff?