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Humor: “What if” of the Day…While Camping

Everyone has a “what if” rolling around in their head every once in a while. For me, it is a daily occurrence and usually humorous in nature.

Can you imagine the “what if” that plunked out of my head today? No? Well, let me introduce you to my “what if” of the day.

What if…you are camping at an amazing camp site (right next to the lake) and amazingly there is no one else around; it is all yours. How AMAZING huh? 🙂

Then, the unthinkable happens. In comes a caravan of National Lampooners! Don’t get me wrong, I love yackin up a storm with my campin neighbors. BUT, there comes a time when a game plan is needed for that unruly crowd. I am wondering if my wacky sense of humor would make any unwanted camping neighbor run for the hills; I am thinking of using this plan for the next time we go camping.

You see, I am a long time soap opera watcher, so my plan is related to that. Here is the big “WHAT IF”; what if you take on some of your favorite soap actors persona’s or mannerism while camping.

John Black’s (Days of Our Lives)serious face with twitching eyebrow 

The  actors that talk out-loud when they are alone; looking to the sky, wringing your hands,”I wonder if my husband took his medicine, to stop his anger episodes, before he went target shooting.”

Have climactic music play after each conversation with the neighbors and your own group.

Always have a long pause before answering a question, with a Jack Black face or say “we will be right back after this commercial” and then walk away.

I am not sure that it would make them leave, however, it would be a hoot see how they respond. What soap opera mannerism do you think would be hilarious in real life and especially when camping?

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Humor: There is No Time to Waste

Every dang time I see this commercial on TV I get an enormous smile and I burst out in a giggle. Unlike those commercials that scare the bajeebies out of me; sweet little girl playing in her bed sheets and then WAHHH a scary face is plastered on the screen!

And assuredly after my giggle episode, my son will reply with a endearing smirk, “oh mom”. So, what makes me giggle like one of those laughing Youtube babies?

Puss in Boots!

Laughter ensues when I see that darn kitty chasing the light or lapping up the milk in his cup. When that bar tender says, “there is no time to waste!” while Puss in Boots does his lick lick lick in his cup of milk that seems to go on forever. Oh my gosh, it cracks me up!

Sometimes an unexpected snicker can be just what the doctor ordered. I soooo need a RX of Puss in Boots; I hope I get to see it on the big screen.

Does anyone else enjoy this commercial?

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV

Podcast + Auntie RV = Humor

I was thinking the other day, bubble cloud above head…”Hmm, I guess I should expand my knowledge of..something. I have heard of this podcasting stuff; maybe I could get some edgumacation from a podcast. By the way, what a weird name PodCast is. Podcast, pod…cast paaawdcassttttt.” 🙂


So, out I go into the World Wide Web to search. Let’s put in the search box “How to” and “podcast” just to see what is out there. Woah! Now, why would someone need to know how to use a public bathroom! Seriously, if you need to go to a podcast to find out how to pee in a toilet, YOU should NOT be OUT in public!

Okay, I am getting side-tracked here. scrolling past some interesting topics; none seem to fit the bill. Bubble cloud above head…”Hmm, now where did that saying come from(fit the bill)?” This is harder than I thought and no, I am not saying that I know everything. I only know enough to get me in trouble. However, I meant it is hard to find something special. There it is…How To Be Awesome!  It says “Moving” on this episode. Thats what they call these podcast things (episodes). I guess it means I am going to move closer to being AWESOME!! Bubble cloud…”If there was more people that were tagged as awesome, wouldn’t the world be a better place? I shall now be known as Awesome Auntie RV! 🙂 ”

Before I click the listen button I grab paper and pen. This is going to be so interesting to know how to be awesome!

Click…buffering… “Grumble grumble dial-up!!”

How am I going to be Awesome Auntie RV at this rate? Finally, I am getting a few sentences at a time. Yaeeee! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CRAP?! 😦 It is two young women; at least they sound young. jabbering on about moving to a new place to live. I keep listening. There has to be a tid bit of knowledge somewhere in this “podcast” that will help me be awesome. I feel I am listening to a SNL skit. You know those ones that are meaningless and a waste of time. I suppose this podcast and my issues have a twinge of humor in it, but not for me, as I am on a mission to be awesome.

After ten dang minutes of noooothhhhinggggg I click the X!


I’m back to just Auntie RV. My own awesomeness shall have to do for now.

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV