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Life: Gas Can Walking

When I am driving down the road and I see this, my face turns into a sad smiley face. 😦 and I say “awh”. They always seem to be on the other side of the road, freeway, or there is no room to stop. I am talking about that pitiful pitiful walk… the gas can walking walk. Having a gas can in hand is not always seen … but you know. Usually, it is a cold rainy yucky day when you see someone walking down the road with their head held low and you just know that walk is not just a walk for them. Emotions are running high as to how life sucks right now for them and then there is the “oh God, please let someone stop to help me out” gas can walking prayer.

I think we all have been a gas can walker at one time or another. So, next time you see a vacant automobile and then the gas can walking walker down the road, help him or her out if you can.(Ladies, for safety reasons, leave this job to the guys, if it is a guy walking)

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV


Pet Peeve: Pulling Out in Front of an RV

We are driving down the road in our RV (motorhome) minding our own business, eating  our hostess raspberry filled powdered donuts, which is a  long-established tradition for any of our road trips, with me humming Christmas music 🙂 and some dweeb pulls out in front of us; if my husband was telling the story you would replace the word dweeb with numb nuts.

Now there is powdered donuts, coffee, juice, binoculars, maps, cell phones, and an old grumpy hard of hearing farting dog flying all over the place; thank you very much…NOT! I don’t have many pet peeves other than the QUIT TALKING/TEXTING ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING pet peeve , but the pulling out in front of an RV is one of the ” God almighty, your lucky Auntie RV doesn’t know who you are, cuz if I did, I’d be callin your mother” biggest pet peeves I have!!

Seriously dweebs and dweebettes of the world, do you not understand when there is a big honkin RV coming down the road, minding their own business  (going the speed limit) and you pull out in front of them their life flashes before their eyes?!  I wonder if you realize how close YOU are to having an RV plow you down; trying to stop or slow down a “big honkin RV is not the same as trying to stop or slow down a car!

What is one of your pet peeve while driving?

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV