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Life: Eventful Past Week

However you want to put it, “stuff” happens, for the good or the bad; stuff happens. You can’t change most of life’s surprises and sometimes you don’t want to even acknowledge those surprises.

Although, the week started out enjoyable. My husband and I went to the dollar store to get some stocking stuffers. I told him to go find three items to put in HIS stocking. His grin was enormous, as if I had given him a prime rib dinner. My plan was to preoccupy him so I could get my shopping done. Here he comes with three items and he tells me why he chose those items and then off he goes again. Here he comes again, “I’m swapping out this for that” and he’s gone again. This happened about four times. When he was all done with his choices, he felt the need to follow me and show me every item he thought that “I” should look at or buy. “What about this?” or “this is cool…look!”, but then when his tummy starts grumbling with hunger, so does he. Shopping ended.

Next day…off to my husbands doctor to evaluate his blood work, which has been ever-changing. A doctor that we hadn’t seen before walks through the door. “Why are we here today?” he asks. We explain; first we came for his blood pressure, then blood work shows his triglycerides were 1129 and noticed his protein is low. So they put him on meds for the tri’s. Told us to come back in 3 months. Okay..then redo blood work. They say,”hmm, your your tri’s are okay (129), but your potassium is 6.(high)and your blood pressure(100/63 and pulse (52) is low”. They make us go back two days later to check potassium again. “We never heard the results for that, can you tell us?” we asked. He looks over Hubs chart and says “your creatinine is high…which means kidney failure” and then he looks at both of us and sees that we are in shock and then says, “I’m sure you HAVE heard that before, right?” I couldn’t even look at my hubby; I said ” a.. NO! We had never heard THAT before. He told me to scoot my chair closer to him ( oh crud!) as he tells us that it could be from all the surgery meds (ibuprofen) during the 6 surgeries since 2005 or something to do with his blood pressure/pulse. He wanted to take a ultrasound of his kidneys, but we don’t have insurance, so he changed his meds and we have to go back Jan 24th to see if it helped. If it didn’t help he said that we will HAVE to do the ultrasound no matter what. We walked out of the doctor’s office numb and thinking…Merry Christmas! 😦

Ultimately, this Christmas took on a different feel and it seemed to be more about making THIS Christmas special and memorable, not about the gifts so much. We laughed more, baked more cookies, Cinnamon rolls, listened to Christmas music, watched all the Christmas shows on TV, a lot of gazing out the window, and we’ve been praying A LOT!

If any of you reading this could send up a pray on my husbands behalf, it would be much appreciated. 🙂

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV


Life: Best Christmas Present

When looking back at all the Christmas presents I have received, there are a few that stand out above the rest. I usually ask for certain gifts and then I end up getting something close to what I asked for. Because of this reason, I try to write down the exact name, store, best price, color, and size; last year, my son did give me an apron that I had been asking for, for years and I LOVED it!

However, this one year, I was at my brothers for Christmas Eve and when the festivities were winding down my sister-in-law brought over to me a small wrapped present and with a smile she quietly told me that this was from my brother and to NOT open it until I got home. I felt like a young child again; all the way home I held that small gift like it was the most precious valuable gift ever and wondered what this gift was that my brother had given me. We hadn’t exchanged gifts for many years. Well, yes we would do the popcorn tin gift for the family, but nothing personal like this.

Quickly we unpacked all the food and goodies from the car and of course, my brother’s present did not leave my hands. I sat down on the couch and cradled this small gift, almost afraid to open it. My Boys told me to “OPEN IT ALREADY!” With my husband and sons gathered around me, I opened it; WAAAAAHHHH sob sob WAAAH! My family looked at me like what the heck! It was not a valuable gift to anyone else, but only to me and my brother. It was a pink plastic Hansel and Gretal thermometer in which Hansel and Gretal was on one side (meaning good weather) and a the witch (meaning bad weather) on the other side.

I explained to my family while sniffling and sobbing…when my Grandma had passed away many years ago, my mom had asked me if there was something I wanted from Grandma’s house. Yes, there was one thing; however, no one there could find it. I said, “Mom. it has always been hung by the front door. I am sure, there was a ring around where it should have been. Years had gone by and I had thought I would never see it again. That is why I bawled and bawled after opening this small gift from my brother, which now I understand why they wanted me to NOT open it at their house.This was one of the most precious gifts ever given to me for Christmas.

I hope that all of you will get/give a gift or have gotten a gift as precious as mine was. It is not the price of the gift that makes it priceless, it is the love and thought behind it, that makes it priceless.

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV