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Life: Gas Can Walking

When I am driving down the road and I see this, my face turns into a sad smiley face. 😦 and I say “awh”. They always seem to be on the other side of the road, freeway, or there is no room to stop. I am talking about that pitiful pitiful walk… the gas can walking walk. Having a gas can in hand is not always seen … but you know. Usually, it is a cold rainy yucky day when you see someone walking down the road with their head held low and you just know that walk is not just a walk for them. Emotions are running high as to how life sucks right now for them and then there is the “oh God, please let someone stop to help me out” gas can walking prayer.

I think we all have been a gas can walker at one time or another. So, next time you see a vacant automobile and then the gas can walking walker down the road, help him or her out if you can.(Ladies, for safety reasons, leave this job to the guys, if it is a guy walking)

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV


About Auntie RV

Auntie RV is a fun loving individual that enjoys life and LOVES camping and RVing. Auntie RV is a 52 year old menopausal lady, whose babies have grown into two amazing young men; she will ALWAYS call them her babies. She is married to a younger man and yes she says she IS a cougar! She will put a smile on your face and every once in a while a tear may form. Auntie RV’s unique style of saying it like it is, is a refreshing pick me up for the day. Follow along with Auntie RV while she posts about her life, roughing it in a tent, or her love of driving down the road in a house (motorhome). Next time your camping and you hear someone proclaiming,”Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life” RUN!! Just kidding :)

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  1. Yes…I have been on both sides of that empty gas tank/can.

    Early morning, 2:00 a.m., what’s a cell phone, Highway 10, New Mexico, driving my ’64 Studebaker, gas tank display ¼ tank, gas in the tank-zip, no gas can, 10 miles to gas station, no cars,
    Nice lady in a 18-wheeler pulls up and asks if that is my car back about a mile, Yup say’s I, hop in says she. She drives me to the gas station, I buy a gas can, fill it up, start walking away from the gas station, someone pulls up and asks which way I’m going, West says I, hop in says he, Yippee!!!

    And…I’ve been out, again ¼ tank displayed, no gas in tank, pre-cellphone, no 20-pound car-phone, no-one stopping, family in the van, walk for miles to get gas, walk for miles to get back, Bummer.

    • When someone pulls over, your heart lightens and you have faith in humanity again, until they drop you off and you are now on the long trek back to your car. I bet you were doing the happy dance huh, when you got help back and forth to your car. You see, I would be freaking out having to walk in the dark as I have watched the movie “The Hills Have Eyes” (the first one) and anyone that has watched knows the Dad walking back to the car scene. UGH! 😦 I am so glad that there are cell phones now; for I shall not be seen walking by myself in the dark EVER! Ha ha!


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