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Yumsterlicious Recipes: Update

I have updated the Yumsterlicious Recipe page; I know, finally, huh? Since the holidays are coming, I thought I should  add some of our family favorites and some are real old family recipes. There are all types of recipes (slow cooker, main course, side dishes, salads, dips, desserts, and etc) for at home or while RVing. I will try to add new recipes weekly.  So keep checking back, okay?

With the thought of snow (yes, I am still thinking of snow), I am  getting in the ho-ho holiday spirit. Geesh, when are they going to start playing Christmas music on the radio?


I will try to add some desserts, cookies, and such soon. Hey, if you have any good Holiday recipes to share, that would be fantastic!

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV


About Auntie RV

Auntie RV is a fun loving individual that enjoys life and LOVES camping and RVing. Auntie RV is a 52 year old menopausal lady, whose babies have grown into two amazing young men; she will ALWAYS call them her babies. She is married to a younger man and yes she says she IS a cougar! She will put a smile on your face and every once in a while a tear may form. Auntie RV’s unique style of saying it like it is, is a refreshing pick me up for the day. Follow along with Auntie RV while she posts about her life, roughing it in a tent, or her love of driving down the road in a house (motorhome). Next time your camping and you hear someone proclaiming,”Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life” RUN!! Just kidding :)

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  1. Can’t wait to try the Slow Cooker Chicken with Dressing. I bet you could use turkey breast for Thanksgiving!

  2. Someone posted on one of my other blog posts a question about if I had any Dutch oven camping recipes; I though this would be a better place to reply to that post. …Back when I was camping (cooking over fire), I did not have a dutch oven. 😦 I did find this site that gives a few dutch oven camping recipes. Dutch Oven Dude I will try to find some of my recipes that you might be able to use camping. Until then try the Web site I provided.Let me know if you tried any of them, okay?

  3. Like I said in the Moodle Forum, your slow cooker chicken recipe was easy and very DELICIOUS! Of course, Mom wants to add some things to the recipe to spice it up and make it her own. But I liked it the way it was! Thank your for passing this along, Auntie RV!


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