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Podcast + Auntie RV = Humor

I was thinking the other day, bubble cloud above head…”Hmm, I guess I should expand my knowledge of..something. I have heard of this podcasting stuff; maybe I could get some edgumacation from a podcast. By the way, what a weird name PodCast is. Podcast, pod…cast paaawdcassttttt.” 🙂


So, out I go into the World Wide Web to search. Let’s put in the search box “How to” and “podcast” just to see what is out there. Woah! Now, why would someone need to know how to use a public bathroom! Seriously, if you need to go to a podcast to find out how to pee in a toilet, YOU should NOT be OUT in public!

Okay, I am getting side-tracked here. scrolling past some interesting topics; none seem to fit the bill. Bubble cloud above head…”Hmm, now where did that saying come from(fit the bill)?” This is harder than I thought and no, I am not saying that I know everything. I only know enough to get me in trouble. However, I meant it is hard to find something special. There it is…How To Be Awesome!  It says “Moving” on this episode. Thats what they call these podcast things (episodes). I guess it means I am going to move closer to being AWESOME!! Bubble cloud…”If there was more people that were tagged as awesome, wouldn’t the world be a better place? I shall now be known as Awesome Auntie RV! 🙂 ”

Before I click the listen button I grab paper and pen. This is going to be so interesting to know how to be awesome!

Click…buffering… “Grumble grumble dial-up!!”

How am I going to be Awesome Auntie RV at this rate? Finally, I am getting a few sentences at a time. Yaeeee! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CRAP?! 😦 It is two young women; at least they sound young. jabbering on about moving to a new place to live. I keep listening. There has to be a tid bit of knowledge somewhere in this “podcast” that will help me be awesome. I feel I am listening to a SNL skit. You know those ones that are meaningless and a waste of time. I suppose this podcast and my issues have a twinge of humor in it, but not for me, as I am on a mission to be awesome.

After ten dang minutes of noooothhhhinggggg I click the X!


I’m back to just Auntie RV. My own awesomeness shall have to do for now.

Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

Auntie RV


About Auntie RV

Auntie RV is a fun loving individual that enjoys life and LOVES camping and RVing. Auntie RV is a 52 year old menopausal lady, whose babies have grown into two amazing young men; she will ALWAYS call them her babies. She is married to a younger man and yes she says she IS a cougar! She will put a smile on your face and every once in a while a tear may form. Auntie RV’s unique style of saying it like it is, is a refreshing pick me up for the day. Follow along with Auntie RV while she posts about her life, roughing it in a tent, or her love of driving down the road in a house (motorhome). Next time your camping and you hear someone proclaiming,”Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life” RUN!! Just kidding :)

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  1. Looking for Dutch oven recipes- what’s your favorite for camping recipe?

  2. I replied to your question on my Yumsterlicious Recipe update blog post, so others that are looking for recipes might enjoy it too.


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